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    2 products
    Krux Polished Standard Trucks
    Polished Standard Trucks
    Krome Phillips 1 Inch Hardware
    Krux Krome Phillips 1
    Green Lavender/ Blue Blue/ Lavender
    Krome Phillips 1" Hardware

    Krux Trucks

    Krux Trucks was started in 1989 by Steve Keenan at NHS. Keenan+Trucks=Krux. Besides being known for having its signature "hole" in the truck, Krux is known for its humor and quirkiness. Producing some of the best truck graphics and commercials for its products. Krux has always been about promoting the their riders personality and showcasing their love for skateboarding. Some of the team consist of Nora Vascnocellos, Louie Barletta, Kevin Braun, Caswell Berry, Travis Harrison, Nestor Judkins and Enzo Cautela.

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