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CAPiTA Snowboards

For decades, some of the greatest performing products in snowboarding have been built in the Austrian Alps. Maybe it’s being surrounded by lush green valleys and majestic mountain ranges, but Austria is renowned for producing globally desired premier products while maintaining a healthy work and life balance. Establishing our manufacturing home in the Carinthia region has allowed us to retain quality jobs -- and create many new ones -- for a workforce known for incredible high-caliber production. We have been able to take advantage of a vast wealth of vested knowledge, while forging a new path through emerging technologies and leading our industry with Clean Energy manufacturing. We feel the best snowboards in the world must be built in a region with an immersive alpine history, whose people live and breathe the crisp fresh air, and are exposed to the mountains from the day they were born. We’re proud that every CAPiTA snowboard is built upon multigenerational alpine know-how, by passionate people who care deeply about the snowboarding experience. Our snowboards are crafted with 98% of materials locally sourced within a 5-hour drive of

The Mothership . As the CAPiTA base station and manufacturing home, The Mothership – distinguished as a flagship of responsible manufacturing – was awarded the Energy Globe Award for Austria. Known as Nature’s Nobel Prize, with 178 participating countries, the Energy Globe is today’s most prestigious environmental award. It is presented annually to projects focusing on reneweable energies and the conservation of resources.